Fantastic taking photos kit dog head phone holder

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product description


Product Type: Picture Pawfect
Material: Silicone
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Stretchable, dustproof, environmental non-toxic

          optional pattern, can be customized patterns
1, inner packing: blister packing
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Picture pawfect is a small tool that can be sucked on the back of the phone, snatching snacks

or toys to attract pet attention and take a lovely photo.


2, To the dog to take pictures is really a technical and effort to live, have to find the right time,

slowly close, and then Kaka click to capture. But even if it is naughty, it is also good time, that is,

when I hold the snack of the situation, will obediently wait and wait. Presumably a lot of dogs will

be so, so some people use the “weakness”, invented a gadget, called “Picture Pawfect”.


3, Picture pawfect looks like a crocodile head, because you just suck it on the back of the phone,

crocodile mouth stuffed a small snack or a small toy hook, dog and cat will instantly enter the “

obedience mode”, the next is All took pictures.


4, In addition, picture pawfect there are other effects, such as as a mobile phone bracket or cable

holder, can be described as a multi-purpose.


product detail

picture pawfectpicture pawfectpicture pawfectpicture pawfectpicture pawfect

Silicone products advantage:

1. Can play the role of protection, not hard objects scratched;
2. toughness is very good, can effectively shock and shock impact;
3. Soft and moderate hardness, soft, personal care silicone material;
4. Surface dust, anti-fingerprint design, easy to dust, easy to clean up;
5. Material environmental protection, non-toxic harmless to the human body, can be recycled;
6. The surface can do a variety of patterns, the product color can be adjusted according to the

requirements of color; stylish and generous, trend;
7. High temperature, anti-aging, waterproof, oil and other special.


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