Nakefit Pet Sticky Paw Soles Dog Foot Pads Factory Wholesale

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Product Type: nakefit dog foot pads
Material: nano material, silicone
Color: blue, black, yellow, or other
Features: comfortable, dustproof, environmental non-toxic, h
igh protective, can be customized logo


Quick Details:


1, So that the dog put on dog foot pads, to ensure that puppy paws and indoor cleaning, pet small claws will not be outside the dirty things to the home.

2, Every day to the dog feet, may hurt the dog's paws skin health, put on this dog foot pads, you can not give your dog every day to feet.

3, It can prevent the glass sharp stones or rust nails and other objects hurt the dog feet, but also to prevent the sand or stones to the toes, the pet's feet are very fragile.

4, To the pet wear shoes is a fashion, handsome, but also in the cold weather when warm, in the hot weather to prevent the ground temperature is too high, burn the bottom of the floor sweat glands system.


Nakefit Dog Foot Pads Available Size:


          Size                       XS                          S                          M                         L                        XL           
          Size         24*28mm        30*35mm       33*39mm      38*44mm      42*49mm 
          NW.              0.3g          0.35g           0.4g         0.45g           0.5g


Fscool silicone products factory for the development of Nakefit stick-on soles market to launch the latest research and development pet invisible shoes. our use of silicone anti-slip point is not the same silk screen point!


Hot summer people often choose to wear slippers to go out, and slippers above the blocked part of the skin?is easy to sweat, causing slippers slippery, this time if you accidentally hit the water will slip to. In fact, the summer can abandon the slippers, wear NakeFit soles, invisible shoes is a foot plate can be close to the insoles, this insoles can protect both feet, but also can walk like a barefoot in the road.