How to find out the negative phenomena silicone accessories

  News     |      2018-10-20 16:06
Sometimes silicone parts appear cracking, aging, deformation and other adverse phenomena, the final result of the product appears to be less than the value of use, for some electronic parts, mechanical and electrical miscellaneous pieces of this phenomenon is the most common, so for silicone parts Accessories adverse?phenomena can be made to prevent controllability, for silicone products manufacturers, the use of pre-control power accessories, the first thing to do is what time:

silicone adverse phenomena

For the phenomenon of rupture, we can prevent hard and soft products as well as the right angle, from the raw material to enhance the tear strength and pull strength, the product above the mold to enhance the tilt angle to maintain R angle, to prevent tearing, cracking phenomenon , Curing time remained stable, the time is too long, the more likely the product appears the risk of tearing, cracking phenomenon in silicone products manufacturers to control these methods, and the use of the process must rely on the use of the intensity of control.


Aging phenomenon, the aging rate of each product will appear the phenomenon of silicone material parts are the same, so the aging of the silicone parts, the first one in the raw materials to find the problem above, because of the different properties of the silicone used in the environment and conditions are different, The second is the reaction of the environment and conditions, after studies have shown that the phenomenon of aging silicone rubber products mainly from the use of the environment and the use of the region among oxidation, thermal effects, stress, liquid products lead to accelerated aging phenomenon, oxygen in ozone In the destruction of the larger, different molecular compounds of the silicone molecular chain, resulting in changes in silicone rubber products performance or reduce the thermal effect of silica gel can be high temperature but in the long-term high temperature will lead to active polymer activator caused by the expansion of silicon atoms appear soft, hair Bubbles and other phenomena, so for the phenomenon of aging, mainly depends on the use of which environment and conditions.


Silicone parts mechanical deformation is the most common phenomenon, due to the need to force, affected by the environment, it will inevitably be deformed phenomenon, and choose high tensile high rebound rubber production, the silicone manufacturers in the production process will put the time Long, to enhance the pressure to maintain the shape, you can get a good mediation, in addition to maintain the appropriate use of force, to maintain long-term activities will make the effect a little better.


The above three problems can be solved, so many accessories products combined with the use of finished products will also be very good results, and the production process of silicone parts manufacturers is not controllable, the product has been decided after the mold, the premise is Prevent a few problems.