The main component in the raw material of silicone products

  News     |      2018-10-20 16:45
Silicone products in the molding is not yet before the different ingredients in the raw materials is the core technology products in the silicone rubber raw materials can be divided into different chemical agents corresponding to the desired effect, and silica raw materials for silica, Like the candle wick and wax oil, in addition to the technology deployment of silica can also change the performance of various products and efficacy, so do not understand silica, you can learn more about here.

silicone products component

It can be divided into a variety of properties such as precipitated silica, meteorological silica, fine-grained silica condensate and chlorine acid chloride, the different substances acting on different raw materials, its main function is all the silicone rubber products Function, its nature is different, in addition to the different quantum components can also be deployed according to different formula, such as you see the brand of silicone products, high-end silicone products, etc. are fumed silica above the effect achieved.


At present, in the era of continuous improvement of technology, many products are basically required to achieve the level of gas-phase glue products, so silicone products manufacturers for gas-phase silica gel effect and performance are gradually beginning to pay attention to ensure product quality And performance is the key.


Now a lot of customers and friends are very clear what they want is a what kind of product, the demand is very clear, so the material for the rubber domestically made and imported can not reach an effect, the main difference is that the cost of raw pulp wear and tear Too low, the purity of less than the effect of raw materials is not rich in white, decentralization is not good enough, the degree of product conciliation is expected to vary in length, the natural price and effect will be different! Gum plastic currently on the market price: Domestic: 23000-24000 yuan Europe and the United States: 28000-45000 yuan Japan and South Korea: 25000-26500 yuan.


As a kind of auxiliary raw material, white carbon black also makes it use in many fields due to its superior performance. Besides silica gel, it is widely used in rubber, agricultural chemicals, engineering chemicals, reinforcing agents, Etc., fumed silica can be used as resin composite materials, plastics, paints, pigments, glass, seals and other raw materials, the main advantage is that non-toxic, temperature, tasteless, weather resistance in a variety of industries Which have been applied.