Silicone products will produce what problem phenomenon

  News     |      2018-10-20 16:51
Many people ask: how to distinguish the quality of products? How can we see the quality of the product? So each industry and each brand of different product quality so the requirements will be different, such as some well-known brand name, import and export products, accessories and other accessories are more stringent, the definition of quality are different, then in the silicone products industry, What is the definition and control of quality?

silicone products quality

Silicone products on the definition of quality can be divided into several, different products can correspond to different requirements.
1, Silicone products appearance of the definition of custom processing

Appearance mainly refers to the number of accessories, silicone bracelets, clothing accessories, and so on, and this type of product is mainly silicone products manufacturers need to control the appearance, such as different hardness, the appearance of black spots impurities, the surface of the drum Bubble and so on, the quality is completely impossible is impossible, but to control in a certain range that is the distinction between good and bad, but the specific requirements also need to be defined according to customer requirements!

2, food grade silicone product quality level of definition

Speaking of food grade is generally divided into export quality or contact with life, in addition to the above requirements of the appearance of the more stringent requirements of the material, whether it can achieve completely tasteless, high transparency, no contact with the skin, any test on the material Certification can be passed, to achieve the material requirements!

3, precision silicone parts on the definition of product quality structure

Precision silicone parts should be said that the electronic seals, mechanical shock absorption components, etc., which may require high silicone mold products, due to the need to seal the shock absorber, the product size and the size of the close joint to each other and not There will be errors, material toughness and pull-up rebound can be used in different environments or for a long time to achieve the desired effect, so this type of defect can be divided into size deviation, material hardness and tensile springback and other related.