Hardware and silicone how to bond

  News     |      2018-10-20 17:03
Glue bonding process for many products have a better role in the silicone rubber products bonding process is no exception, the current in the industry there are many toys, gifts, silicone pendant, and so a lot of silicone products are chosen this way, the surface Bonding, internal bonding and local bonding, and many other ways, and this method in the end what is the reason that it can not be fixed off it?

hardware and silicone

Hardware encapsulation process is the main seal of the product structure and the choice of glue, and the structure is the main body, glue is the second, as common silicone children’s spoon is a common craft production, the metal is a sheet and has a fixed seat so there is no Sliding phenomenon can be directly without glue, and some adhesive products are silicone adhesive coated general hardware and there is no fixed seat, this way you have to be bonded to complete! However, the problem is not much depends on the effectiveness of glue.


General special coating glue solid content has a certain ratio, silicone adhesive hardware, plastic glue is a slow dry adhesive to be effective after high temperature, silicone adhesive silicone material is required to achieve environmental protection function so the need to use environmentally friendly glue , And the use of liquid plastic hand-placed neatly placed after baking, this type of glue is environmentally friendly, non-conflicting reactions to other substances.


The method of bonding silicone products is very much, for the material, the current silicone textile, plastic, silicone, metal, leather and so on a variety of materials bonding, silicone rubber products for different manufacturers selected different sticky Then the process can be, the size of the difficulty depends mainly on the structure of the product may be.