2018, What kind of protective case do you need?

  News     |      2018-10-22 19:19

There are a variety of electronic protection case of different types, different materials, but there have been questions silicone protective case is where the role! Here, those iphone, Huawei, Samsung and other brands have actually been in the product of sufficient effort, the appearance and surface treatment itself to deal with the extreme so this is a lot of people often mention the question raised, which is why the high-end expensive The phone needs a silicone phone protective case.

silicone protective


We learned that after the advent of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 food-grade silicone protective case with the official launch of the solid-state iPhone silicone protective case launched by the Apple official website that the first feeling is definitely not comparable to other materials, of course, the material brought The feeling is not what products can be achieved, so the silicone material is now a mature technology to make a share of the plastic material to become a hot sought after silicone products is inevitable! In addition to almost every brand except Apple have their own silicone protective sleeve, so the silicone products are currently considered a hot commodity.


Why do so many people need a silicone phone case here?


First of all, the product material soft under normal circumstances will be like to touch this feeling, after the slippery oil handle to make the surface more clear and delicate handle, in addition to its special features is the soft stretch stretch rebound, with good Of the buffer, when dropped to the ground with a buffer decompression effect, can naturally achieve the function of drop collision, compared to hard shell material it can be any twists and rebound, durability and practicality longer.


In the material aspect of the silicone itself is environmentally friendly and nontoxic, after the silicone protective shell manufacturers about 200 degrees Cure on the machine has been vulcanized at once and different concerns will appear to cause harm to the body, the general material can be divided into food grade and medical grade silicone As well as high-performance tensile silica gel and several other materials, mainly to see the product tends to the kind of demand to choose, so that cell phone users need a silicone protective case, mainly due to the material properties of silicone attracted.