How to increase the hardness of silicone products

  News     |      2018-10-24 18:57
For friends who do not understand silicone products, the production and processing technology and the property of raw materials are doubts. There is not too much knowledge about the hardness of the products. Secondly, the nature of the silicone products belongs to the auxiliary peripheral products. Therefore, it may appear when other materials are used. The phenomenon of poor performance due to low hardness is also unavoidable. So how does the hardness need to be adjusted for the phenomenon of hardened silicone products?

silicone products hardness

First of all, in the various silicone product manufacturing processes, the hardness of the product can be further improved by replacing or refining the raw materials from the raw materials before the product is formed. Generally, the silica gel product suppliers will use the rubber materials to directly purchase and use them. It is not necessary to bother to adjust different hardnesses, and the adjustment of hardness is mainly based on the understanding of raw material manufacturers.


Increase vinyl content and add white carbon content.


The hardness of silicone raw materials is mainly blended with vinyl, silicone oil, white carbon and other materials with different compositions. The increase of vinyl content is mainly to increase the tightness of silicon chains (while the intake of different components of white carbon Black, mainly to see how much hardness you need) Vinyl is mainly to subdivide the silicon chain to get more crystals and increase its degree of connection so that the hardness is improved, and the maximum is 90 degrees is the limit, the current silicone rubber There is no better way to enhance the hardness of the raw materials of the products.


Another way is to increase the hardness of the product from the mix, but this method is only marginally improved the hardness of the product, the effect is not too great.


By mixing and kneading the obtained raw material with higher hardness while mixing the obtained raw rubber material, for example, when the rubber material with a hardness of 30 is about 50 degrees, a raw material of 70 degrees can be added and mixed. A hardness of 50 degrees is achieved, and the exact hardness and the same weight of the raw material must be measured during the addition process as follows:


1, silicone rubber high hardness adjustment formula (measuring the hardness value – the required hardness value) ÷ (required hardness value – low hardness value) × weight of the rubber compound = required to add a low hardness rubber weight.


2, silicone rubber hardness is low adjustment formula (required hardness value – measured hardness value) ÷ (high hardness value – measured hardness value) × weight of the rubber compound = required to add high hardness rubber weight.