How Does the Silicone Rubber Products Industry Control Cost

  News     |      2018-10-26 17:06
Someone asked the silicone rubber factory to do it? Is there a possibility of continuous development! For this topic, we can understand the cost and loss that the silicone products industry can’t predict. The reason for cost control is understood by everyone. However, the plan is different from the actual situation. For instance, in 2017, sudden national policies and environmental protection turmoil caused many industries to stand on the cliff. The edge, of course, silicone rubber products industry is no exception, then there are those in the compounding industry that you can not predict the loss of costs it?

silicone rubber products

Electricity cost: Then the first silicone product manufacturers can calculate the amazing electricity price. The silicone oil press is a high-energy machine. The machine heats up and the temperature is turned on for an entire day. The electricity fee is about 800 yuan. If the temperature of the machine has been If there is no normal production and processing, then every day there is unnecessary waste, so when it is confirmed that other factors (such as molds and order status) cannot be processed, it is necessary to predict whether it is worth the machining.


Time cost: The time for the production of silicone products is the most precious. The production is not idlers. Every day, they have to pay a salary. The first thing to ensure is whether an employee’s daily tasks are worth the salary, if not every day. The plan of the plan, long term one month down, not only the work is not in place, the time goes by but also to pay this wage, so in the efficiency and production must be strictly required!
Raw materials: In the rubber industry, the loss of raw materials is considered to be a relatively high industry. Since the molds have a large number of burrs and discharge after production and processing, one product will generally consume 5% to 15% of the loss, while the other is a product. The consumption of raw materials with a greater number of holes is even greater. Therefore, before the production, it is required that the project try out molds to minimize the raw materials, the methods are done recently, and the cost savings are minimized.


Hidden loss: Invisible waste is one of the most serious problems. It will not be felt in a day or two, but it will be accumulated in a year or two, such as our common tool release agent, white oil, and vulcanization. Agents and colorants, etc., can all be strictly controlled, and in some places it does not seem to cost money, but the actual losses are even more alarming than the figures.


It also said that the current industry, if a silicon rubber products processing plant in the profit and production of the product can not make money above it is still sustained, it may be better to control the internal cost, but now the silicone industry can only From rushing production, controlling costs, relying on these internal methods to earn profits.