How to remove the odor in the car?

  News     |      2019-06-25 19:04

Recently, we launched a new product to effectively remove the odor in the car, the MINI Aromatherapy Car Bracket.

Aroma Diffuser

We are very confident it will be popular around the world in a short time.

Some powerful key features for your understanding:

  1.Suitable for all kinds of car air outlets.

  2.Smaller size than a coin,small and cute, silicone soft material.

  3.Unique design,Global Patent,only FSCOOL exclusive supplys.

  4.Color choices: Light Green,Black,White,Pink,Grey or Customized

  5.Five different shapes,satisfy people at all ages.

  6.FSCOOL special high-grade perfume tablets, the smell not pungent,and very unique. Each perfume tablet can last about 1-2 months.The aromatherapy tablets can be reusable or replaceble.

  7.Glossy and soft FDA Silicone material, wonderful hand-touch feeling.

  8.Customizing your own logo available.

  9.Very competitive price,good benefit for all of us.

  (Note:the price includes high-grade perfume tablets and our Fscool package)

  If you love our perfume tablets,we sell them seperately as well.

If you are interested in this product, please leave a message for us,we will contact you ASAP.