Custom Silicone Bracelet Factory Wholesale Silicon Wristband

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Product Type: silicone bracelet
Material: silicone
Color: available in a variety of colors
Size: standard sizes(circumference*width*thickness):

        1) for children: 160*12*2 mm

        2) for women: 180*12*2 mm or 190*12*2 mm

        3) for men: 202*12*2 mm

Features: feel soft, dustproof, environmental non-toxic, beautiful design, can be customized logo

1, inner packing: opp bag
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Fashion design promotional gifts silicone bracelet, food grade silicone, soft and comfortable, can be customized printing logo, and luminous effect in the dark.


2, Love is the mainstream of social topics, after a long period of cultural accumulation, and now charity charity has become a pursuit of life, and silicone bracelet as a highly environmentally friendly public signs, reflected in different areas Of the human values are different, such as support for cancer patients yellow bracelet, as well as support for breast cancer patients pink bracelet, are to reflect the care of vulnerable groups and set a kind of human care.


3, As a reference, can be found in many areas of silicone bracelet can play their own advantages, in particular, its full use of a variety of colors and luminous function, can help more vulnerable groups cause social concern, which enjoy Different help and support is of great benefit.
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silicone bracelet
silicone bracelet
silicone bracelet
silicone bracelet
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