Silicone Earphone Bag Silicone Earphone Case Carrying Bag

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Product Type: silicone earphone bag carrying case
Material: silicone
Color: red, blue, green, black
OEM/ODM: welcome
Features: feel soft, no deformation, tensile tear, dustproof

                waterproof, environmental non-toxic, can be customized logo

Quick Details:


Super cute a silicone earphone bag, earphone carrying case, a lot of features, it is a multi-functional storage bag, you can install earphones, USB data cable, MP3, memory cards and other digital gadgets to solve a variety of trivial small things messy! Using silicone material, revealing crisp, durable and durable, to help you simple classification, easy to find, smooth touch, waterproof, anti-friction, always protect your earphones, not winding wear, easy to take, small and exquisite, carry super convenience.