Soft Silicone Dog Frisbee Wholesale Silicone Dog Flying Disc

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Product Type: silicone dog frisbee
Material: silicone
Color: available in a variety of colors
Size: 175*175*4mm
Features: feel soft, dustproof, environmental non-toxic, 
flexible, can be customized logo

1, inner packing: opp bag
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Silicone dog frisbee super soft material as easy to carry the origami, the whole body soft, light weight 65g, non-toxic without thorns, the use of rest assured that anytime, anywhere fly.

2, Environmental protection dyeing design silicone dog frisbee, bright color, pets like, never fade, anti-bite wear resistance, imports of silicone material, strictly control the quality, artificial level work, perfect design.

3, Fine workmanship, the edge of lubrication, clear lines, no flash, not a hand. No matter how you roll or pressure release, the instant Frisbee can be restored as original, no damage, no creases, no wear. Different from the ordinary Frisbee, it is also a circle around the special use of the raised massage point design, more help the friction between the teeth of dogs, massage dog gingival, easier to bite.

4, Silicone dog flying disc is designed according to the principles of aerodynamics, the middle of thin, thick edge, the back there is a certain degree of curvature, but very light, it is easy to throw is also easy to pick, even if the experience of the player, you can easily throw Straight and flat line. At the same time, for the dog, the frisbee edge of the protruding design, will make him easier to play or catch.
silicone dog frisbee
silicone dog frisbee
silicone dog frisbee
silicone dog frisbee
silicone dog frisbee
silicone dog frisbee