Silicone Face Mask Factory Wholesale Silicone Facial Mask

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Product Type: silicone face mask cover
Material: silicone
Color: white
Size: 26*19.5cm
Features: feel soft, environmental non-toxic, 
food grade silicone, comfortable, reusable

1, inner packing: opp bag
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


The biggest effect of silicone face mask is to prevent the facial mask on the moisturizing cream too early volatile. The skin has not been well absorbed, it is too early volatile, then more waste ah! And after finishing the make-up water, wear silicone mask directly. This can promote the full absorption of make-up water! If you wear in the bath, because the role of water vapor and temperature, can promote facial perspiration! Face perspiration is very important because it can detox! Anti-pox!



1. deposited in the mask above, effectively prevent the essence of the mask in the air conditioning and other environmental evaporation.

2. Unique hanging ear design, effectively prevent the deposited mask when moving, mask shift or fall off.

3. Bath alone when using this product, but also as a steam mask to use.

4. Use silicone material, no rubber odor.

5. Can be used repeatedly cleaning.

Is a can prevent mask moisture and essence of the evaporation of the weapon Oh. And can be used repeatedly.